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1. Super remote control ability: ZaZaEda can remote control all major IR appliances, including but not limited to TV, air conditioner, fan, projector, STB/IPTV, DVD/CD, amplifier, Camera, SLR, lamp, switch, water heater, air cleaner, and so on.
2. 2.4G remote lamp: ZaZaEda can remote control 2.4G RF lamp, such as monochromatic lamp, monochromatic brightness adjustable lamp, and 160K true color lamp.
3. Wireless remote control: ZaZaEda can control WiFi appliances, it supports using mobile phones to control electrical appliances remotely.

Zaza Remote hardware:apply to OTG mobiles and PAD
Specifications: Micro USB interface
usable devices:
1. Mobiles: Samsung i9100 i9100G i9220 i9225 i9228 N7000 (At least Android 4.0 version);
2. PAD: Samsung N8010 N8000 P5110 P7100 P7300 P7500 P6800 P6200 P3100(Need another adapter at the price of 0.99$);
3. Others:OTG-supportive mobiles that are with Android3.1 or later and using MICRO-B USB interface;
4. PAD products like ONDA,Koobe,RAMOS,Vido and Sony(Dealers and distributors are welcome to contact us for authentication)


Zaza Remote hardware:apply to non-OTG-supportive mobiles
Specifications: Headphone jack interface
1. Wide range of applications; headphone jack Remote apply to 95% Android products and all Apple products;
2. Charge every half year, other headsets control accessories can also be used for ZaZaremote;
3. Warning:the non-charging headphone jack remote control parts may injury the audio effects, be careful!

Zaza Remote infrared module
1. Modules can be connected to any device through the serial port, such as mobile phones, PAD, routers, wearable devices and smart home products
2. Module functions: infrared transmitting and learning(including carrier)
3. Module size: Bulid in comparison program, 6 * 6mm, Price Base 1.2;
4. External comparison program: 6 * 10mm,Price Base 1;
5. Module Process: Single Chip